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Current Topics: Internet Safety

Internet Safety - Newsround Caught In The Web
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Douglas Weber said...

Internet browsing is a large factor in the ESL classroom, as well as any other classroom. However, the contribution of this resource to the classroom can be immense, if used properly. We as educators need to ensure that students are using technology for the intended educational purposes only, and that the use of technology positively benefits instruction.

I agree that the internet is full of deplorable content, and that students are more than likely going to visit such sites. This can be countered by internet filtering measures and by strict monitoring during class hours.

K.T. said...

More than 10 years ago (just after Y2K issue), my friend's son caused an internet problem. (It is not the same as the one shown in the video, but it reminds me the problem I've almost forgotten.) The boy was 11 or 12 years old at that time and had enough knowledge on computer. The problem was that he programmed a PC game by himself and started selling game apps on-line while his parents did not notice. Some people said it was good opportunity for the boy to learn the internet and business, but I was scared. Some children thinks they are digital native and know internet much better than their parents but I am afraid that they do not have enough experience to handle their personal data and money.

MONDO said...

Thank you for your comments.
I think that we cannot, and maybe should not prevent our children from becoming involved in the digital world of the internet. It is a way for them to learn, become connected to other members of society and develop useful skills that will help find solutions to existing and future problems...
However, I believe that we do need to educate our children on how to use this technology and about what dangers they may face. Children are a lot more switched on than we tend to give them credit for. If we can connect with them in the right ways (ie teach them in the right way), they will be equipped with the right tools to deal with any surprises that they may encounter... Of course, filtering measures and monitoring can help those who aren't at the maturity level to deal with understanding the dangers....
This video does a great job in helping those who do have the maturity, but don't yet know the dangers yet.. I think it is a great resource, made in the right way, to help empower our children.

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