Thursday, March 25, 2010

Writing A Class

Welcome to Mondo's Writing A Class Blog for YMCA Students (Creative writing project focused on making students write regularly - Work is edited by students themselves). Each week, students will be contributing some work to this area. What to do? Each week you must write a 50 word blog entry on a topic. It can be on any subject, but should be done by Friday each week.Choose topics to write about, get it checked by someone, and then publish it on the blog - it's that easy!
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Monday, March 15, 2010

Podcast Listening

A course designed to increase listening input. Students will have the opportunity of listening to a variety of sources of English in a variety of contexts. Through Podcasts, students will access listening material that both uses English, and talks about how English is learned. Students will be required to access the Internet to download programs to listen to on their ipods.

English through Sitcoms (click here)

Dramas and sitcoms (situation comedy) are particularly useful for learning new vocabulary and idioms. The situations create an intriguing and relaxing learning environment in which the students learn not just English words but also culture, humor and body language. Through the dialogs within the episodes, this particular course focuses on familiarizing students with native English speaking sounds and patterns. Also, the natural repetition throughout the series will help students internalize the spoken words and the students connection to the characters will help promote predictions about language choice. The series will also help students get a better grasp of humor and be better able to understand sarcasm or jokes.

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Hi there everyone!
Welcome to my world of ESL/EFL. A place where you can explore the world of learning English as a second language. There are many materials for you to download and use. Feel free to use the materials in a way that helps you. Every day there seems to be something new. I encourage anyone who logs on, to leave a comment or two... Looking forward to see how the site develops. I hope it helps... Mondo

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