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5. High Level Discussion, Debate and Issues - Video (click here)

This page is devoted to high level discussion topics and issues. The material will be presented in a number of different formats on specific themes. The themes that are generated are specifically chosen for their capability of stimulating conversation and in depth discussion. Please note that the content may be controversial and does not necessarily reflect the beliefs of Mondosworld. Warning: some content may offend some people.

Theme 1: Class Divide
Theme 2: Smoking and Cigarette companies
Theme 3: Fast Food
Theme 4: Michael J. Fox and Parkinson's Disease
Theme 5: Climate Change
Theme 6: McCartney Divorce
Theme 7: Google's New Office
Theme 8: Future Japan
Theme 9: A Funny look at mobile phones

Recommended Level: You can describe yourself as the following ~
- You have an effective, but not perfect, use of English.
Your ability: You can talk almost fluently and almost completely accurately. Everyday situations in an English-language environment do not worry you. You can take part in extended conversations or discussions and your vocabulary covers almost every circumstance. If you do not know a word you can almost always find a way of describing it. You have a knowledge of some idiomatic English, phrasal verbs, and colloquial expressions. You have studied all main areas of English grammar.

Equivalent to:

* IELTS score 5.5 - 6.5
* TOEFL iBT score 80
* TOEIC score 650 - 800

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Gail Cavanaugh said...

I think these are great topics and I found that when I asked my students to comment on social issue a or current events, they had a lot to write about.

Review my article. I would be interested in the students' comments on this.

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